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  • Real Reviews From People Who Have Experienced Funeral Advantage

    Reviews & Testimonials – Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage

    Reviews & Testimonials – Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage


    Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage is a one-stop final expense solution for seniors and their families. There’s no medical exam to qualify – just answer a few health questions on our one-page application. We offer up to $20,000 cash to your loved ones to help with funeral costs and other final arrangements such as medical expenses and any unpaid bills. All approved claims are paid in 24 hours, ensuring your family has the money they need as soon as possible.

    Funeral Advantage is the leading final expense program in the nation because it’s underwritten by Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company®. For over 55 years we’ve been protecting families just like yours from the high cost of funerals and cremations by providing a life insurance cash benefit.

    At Lincoln Heritage, we give you the option to plan your final arrangements in advance through the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society®, giving you complete control over your final wishes. No other life insurance company in the country has access to this service! As such, only Funeral Advantage policyholders and their families receive a live representative who will help surviving loved ones cope with the many details that immediately arise. Considering a career here? Read employee reviews of Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage.

    Don’t take our word for it. Read real reviews from families and funeral 永续合约|合约交易所_永续合约homes who have witnessed the fast claims service of Lincoln Heritage.

    A- excellent rating by A.M. Best

    Rated A- Excellent by A.M. Best

    BBB A+


    Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

    Customer Testimonials


    “Your company sets the standards very high in meeting the needs of all concerned.”
    Ed M., TX
    “Out of all the companies I have had to work with because of the passing of my mother, yours was by far the most expedient and professional.”
    Jeaninne H., CA
    “Yours was the easiest paperwork I’ve had to handle. Thank you very much.”
    Anna S., CA
    “I couldn’t have asked for faster service.”
    Marilyn K., MO
    “It has been so refreshing dealing with a company that is so compassionate.”
    Sandy T., TX
    “I wish to THANK all of your staff involved in the process of my claim. Great Job! Thank you so much. I couldn’t be happier. You were considerate of my feelings, helpful, and processed my claim quickly. I will recommend you to others and be glad to do it.”
    Linda L., CA
    “Your services have been great. I don’t know how I could have done anything without your help. I’m telling all my friends how great your services are so that way they can get the help they need when they need it the most.”
    Tanda M., TX
    “Thanks a million for helping me with my mom’s funeral costs."
    Adeline U., MD
    “I want to take this time to thank you and your agents for all of the kind words that were given and said to my family in our time of loss…We look forward to you handling all of our business from this day on.”
    Charles T., TX
    “Thank you so much for your prompt service. This type of customer service is very rare these days. Keep up the good work.”
    Marsha C., GA
    “Lincoln Heritage should be the gold standard for life insurance companies.”
    Daryll W., PA
    “It took very little time for the check to be received by the funeral 永续合约|合约交易所_永续合约home. Everything was handled exceptionally perfect. We appreciated the quickness of the claim.”
    Tina M., NM
    “My brother chose the right company when he chose you.”
    Kathleen P., OK
    “I want to take this time to thank you and your company, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, for your care and help…”
    Vaikeli I., UT
    “I can’t believe how awesome your company is. I just sent a response to increase my own coverage.”
    Ceci L., CA
    “Everyone we spoke with was nothing but the greatest, starting with the local agent.”
    Gary N., PA
    “Thank you Lincoln Heritage for your condolences and your personal touch with our claim. It was a joy to work with all of you.”
    Luis C., SC
    “This was a very difficult time for us and this was one thing that we didn’t have to be concerned about…”
    Grace F., AL
    “I could not have asked for better service. This lifted a burden off me in getting the funeral expense paid. Thank you for your promptness.”
    Judy H., VA
    “Thank you for your letter. I must say it made me feel better just to receive such a kind gesture. From the day I called Lincoln Heritage until claim was settled, everyone was amazingly kind and cooperative.”
    Thelma S., LA
    “Your service on this claim was superb. It was professional in all aspects of your business – from the customer service on the phones to the very quick settlement of the claim.”
    Dennis D., IA
    “Naturally, we are thankful that our mom had a policy with you to cover funeral expenses and more. Again, thank you for fulfilling the claim promptly and efficiently!”
    Connie W., OH
    “At a time like this, things are difficult enough. Receiving these checks in so timely a manner was a great relief to us.”
    Donna C., ME
    “It was so comforting to know we could proceed with funeral plans.”
    Dorothy M., UT
    “The passing of a loved one can prove to be the most painful time of our lives. The business side of death is often cold and disheartening. Imagine our surprise when we received the payout of my mother’s insurance policy and a letter of condolence…Thank you!”
    Mark P., KY
    “This is why I don’t want to leave this world without insurance. I want to make it easier for my children and you all have.”
    Cynthia C., CA
    “Your compassion and timeliness were beyond expectations.”
    David C., FL
    “Again, I want to thank you for the check. It has really put my mind at ease, covering funeral expenses and other expenses he left behind.”
    Sandra P., PA
    “Thank you for processing our claim in a timely manner. Your services provided made our difficult time a little bit easier and whole lot smoother than we anticipated and for that alone we are greatly appreciative.”
    Maggie N., TN
    “Your team did an outstanding job. Thank you.”
    Richard P., PA
    “I have informed my friends and family about your superior service and encourage them to consult you with their life insurance needs.”
    Linda G., PA
    “I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do or what to expect…from the moment I called the persons that helped were so pleasant and polite, there was no hesitancy, and their mannerism was superb.”
    Ruth Y., SC
    “I am surprised how fast this arrived in the age of “red tape.” Please recognize your efficient staff for their professionalism on my behalf. I will let my peers know how pleased I have been with your business.”
    Nancy S., FL
    “We appreciate what you have done and will never forget how you have handled this situation.”
    Glenda R., AR
    “Not for one moment did I feel rushed to get off the phone and was asked each time if there was anything more they could do for me. It was a total stress-free experience.”
    Deidre M., FL
    “It is a great feeling to know that there are still good people to run companies such as Lincoln Heritage.”
    Lisa W., TN
    “It was the best decision I could have made. The policy said it would take care of everything and it did…having that policy made it very easy.”
    Nelson H., SC
    “The worst thing in life happened and your quick response made it easier to live with. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
    Wanda F., NC
    “Prompt, polite, and caring.”
    Kristen M., CA
    “I am also pleased that you honored an old – but current – policy. It restores my faith in humanity and good businesses like yours.”
    Carol C., CO
    “There are no words to express our thanks and many blessings…”
    Christina C., CA
    “The fastest service & payment I have ever received from an insurance company!”
    Roy B., NY
    “Your company is wonderful! I wish all insurance companies were as great as you all are! Claim process is simple and payment is very efficient and fast. Keep up the good work!”
    Field H., KY
    “Never did I not receive fast and courteous replies to my questions and concerns. Your check was issued at a speed I did not believe!”
    Bonnie K., OH
    “I have spoken to many people and received a lot of letters from businesses and none of them have ever come close or touched me in the way your words have…I will recommend Lincoln Heritage at every opportunity.”
    Carole S., FL
    “It was an excellent service you provided through having this policy.”
    Maggie S., AR
    “He explained two types of cremations along with pricing. He also called four establishments of my interest to compare prices and got the funeral 永续合约|合约交易所_永续合约home that I had my heart set on, to lower their price to the other establishment.”
    Crystal H., PA
    “I’m writing this letter to thank you for all your help in filing claims for our families. You make it so easy…”
    Winnie E., AZ
    “Lincoln Heritage was courteous, fast, and kept their word and sent the check out on time. This made a difficult situation for the deceased’s wife a bit more tolerable. Thank you.”
    Lisa M., FL
    “Your company understands the need to have claims processed as promptly as possible. Again, I would like to express how appreciative I am to your company. Keep up the great work, it really makes my day.”
    Bernice H., LA
    “It was a great experience working with your company…all interactions were highly professional. We appreciate a company like yours and will certainly make it a recommendation if any of our people are asking for advice regarding an insurance company to choose.”
    Eric O., MO
    “We appreciate the turnaround time and we are recommending Lincoln Heritage to anyone seeking life insurance.”
    Leroy F., TX
    “It makes it so easy for the family when they have so many other issues to deal when there is a loss of a loved one. This is the 3rd or 4th claim we have had with Lincoln Heritage this year and each have been equally easy to process.”
    Martha H., KY
    “It is always a pleasure doing business [with] your company."
    Clayton G., CA
    “I know of no other company that has processed a claim in such a timely manner.”
    Randon S., OH
    “We have come to expect a rapid turnaround from your firm. You exceeded our expectations again with this claim.”
    Carla H., OH
    “Usually we have problems with Insurance Companies as far as issuing claims in a timely manner…we will be referring customers who come to us with no insurance to your company in the future.”
    Ella B., NC
    “Your letter of condolence expressed such care and concern not only for your insured (my mother) but for her family as well. My family and I thank you very much for all of the outstanding services you have provided.”
    Diane C., MA
    “I recommend your Insurance Company to everyone that I talk to, and tell them how easy it is to file a claim and a quick turn around with the payment.”
    Jeffrey J., AL
    “Your service is really very, very fast and we salute you.”
    Adelia L., CA
    “Amazed at how quickly claim was processed. I wish all insurance companies used your process.”
    Jerry W., NC
    “We were totally pleased with the services you provided and will highly recommend Lincoln Heritage to others.”
    Byron P., MS
    "Thank you, and Lincoln Heritage, for holding your client’s interest above all else!...We look forward to working with future Lincoln Heritage customers in the future!"
    Wayne F., MS
    “It seems that some companies try to retain the funds as long as possible thus dragging out the completion of details for the families of the deceased. Again, thanks for your prompt payment.”
    Mary H., VA
    “I recommended this company to her daughter after I took out one of your policies…I will recommend your company again when a client comes for advice.”
    Sandra T., GA
    “Your service was fast and easy. All was so nice and helpful in this matter. Great job! The money made the process a lot easier for the funeral costs. Thank you.”
    Steven W., PA